John Welch



John Francis Welch is a woodworker and wood carver living and working in historic Lowell, MA.

Raised by parents with a true Yankee 'can-do' attitude, John Welch learned early to rely on his own two hands to make what needed to be made and to fix what needed fixing. He dabbled in woodworking throughout his younger years but that took a backseat to cars and motorcycles until 2009 when he bought his first home with his wife Kara. Impact wrenches and car jacks suddenly had to make room for an increasingly growing collection of wood working tools.

In the summer of 2013, with the intention of carving spoons as a relaxing hobby, John ordered a hook knife and a carving knife. An avid cook, John was looking for a way to combine his love of cooking with his love of woodworking. Over the next year his 'workshop' outgrew his garage and in September of 2014 he moved to a small studio at Western Avenue Studios in Lowell.

John’s hand carved spoons, candle holders, housewares, cutting and serving boards can be found  by appointment in the John Francis Designs studio located on the sencond floor of Western Avenue Studios.

The John Francis Designs studio, as well as many throughout Western Avenue Studios, is open to the public monthly the first Saturday of every month for a free Open Studios event. Western Avenue Studios is a re-purposed 5-story historic mill building boasting 300+ artists living and working in 240 studios, making it the largest working artist colony in the United States.